Region1 Integrated Delivery Network

Partnership for Integrated Care

Welcome to the Region 1 Integrated Delivery Network!

The Region 1 Integrated Delivery Network is a partnership of almost 50 stakeholder organizations across the Upper Valley, Sullivan County and the Monadnock Region committed to transforming the delivery of behavioral health services for Medicaid recipients by:

  • Integrating physical and behavioral health care to better addresses the full range of the individual’s needs
  • Expanding capacity to address emerging and ongoing behavioral health needs in appropriate settings
  • Reducing gaps in care during transitions across care settings by improving coordination across providers and linking Medicaid beneficiaries with community supports

Our diverse group of partners is comprised of advocacy groups, housing agencies, transportation services, municipal offices, clinical providers (inpatient and outpatient), substance use disorder centers and mental health workers.

Throughout this journey, our leadership team and partners will embrace the following principles:

  • Advance patient and family-centered care, demonstrating improved care and positive impact from patient perspective
  • Foster collaborative and innovative pilot programs within parameters of project core component requirements
  • Advance integration of behavioral health and primary care services
  • Develop inclusive process for investing funds
  • Match specific needs of targeted population and distinct geographies
  • Foster collaborative and network thinking
  • Demonstrate stewardship of resources
  • Foster culture of continuous learning
  • Ensure scalability and sustainability

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